Coming Soon: Greenwood Cove

The individual chapters of Greenwood Cove (Sunshine Walkingstick, Book 1) have been taken offline for a final polishing. I’ll have news on how you can get it in its entirety soon. In the meantime, here’s the official blurb.


I had three loves in my life: my daddy, him what my mama killed in cold blood; my son Henry, God rest him; and tall as an oak Riley Treadwell.

I lost all of ’em, one way or t’other, ’til Riley showed up on my stoop with a monster problem and tried to wiggle his way back into my life.

Only, weren’t no monster bothering him; was the one bothering his ex-girlfriend what’d stirred up a hornet’s nest out on Lake Burton amongst the muckity mucks. Weren’t no never mind to me, see? I was fine letting well enough alone, ‘cept curiosity got the best of me, and Riley, well. He weren’t above using that silver tongue of his to persuade me ’round to his way of doing things. If I’da listened to my gut, maybe I woulda avoided stepping knee deep into somebody else’s trouble.

Then again, I ain’t never been one to heed a warning when monsters come a-calling.


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Read Greenwood Cove Chapter by Chapter Right Here!

Tomorrow, the very first chapter of Greenwood Cove, the first novel in the Sunshine Walkingstick Series, will go live right here. A new chapter will be published about every other day until the entire novel is online. Eventually, Greenwood Cove will be available for purchase or download at select online retail stores, but that’s a bit down the road.

Releasing this first novel on my blog is a small thank you to Urban Fantasy fans for the support you’ve given the genre over the years. Without you, I never would’ve been able to write and publish Greenwood Cove.

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Greenwood Cove by Celia Roman

Introducing Sunshine Walkingstick

A couple of years ago, a character walked into my life and captured my imagination, and now I’d like to share her story with you.

Sunshine Walkingstick is a no nonsense young woman on the downside of a tragic life. Her son Henry died a few years ago at the age of six, prompting Sunny to begin cleaning house on the monsters in her local area. She’s taken down more than a few in her time using her daddy’s hunting knife, one of the few mementos she has of him.

Sunny’s charm lies in her blunt appraisal of the world around her, and that forthright honesty extends to herself as well. In her mind, she’s a “no account half-breed,” the daughter of a man who ran off to be with another man and the woman who killed them both in cold blood. Henry was her saving grace, and when Sunny lost him, she blamed herself.

But that’s a story for another time.

In a couple of days, you’ll have a chance to begin reading Sunny’s story as it’s told in Greenwood Cove, the first book in a new Urban Fantasy series set in rural Appalachia and narrated by Sunny in her native dialect. Check back soon for more details. In the meantime, welcome to Sunny’s world.